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If you value world experience and high end production values my services will give your
production that professional edge and advantage.

My work has taken me to 96 countries and I bring that world experience to every production.
You also get access to highly trained, creative make-up artists, lighting technicians,
set designers, hair stylists, wardrobe stylists and videographers.

I understand what is required to work and create with the best. My work with celebrities
such as Halle Berry, Pamela Anderson, Lisa Raye, David Bowie, Willem Dafoe, Brooke Burke,
Harrison Ford, Tommy Lee Jones Janet Leigh, and Tom Hanks has me prepared to take
on productions with the utmost professionalism.

1. Produce, 3, 90 to 120 second HD product social media promotional video’s , including shooting, talent, editing. Starting this week? This will include testimonials from woman of all ages that Rob is shooting,

2. Utilize our Google/YouTube, Partner channels to distribute promotional video’s. We will distribute them on our Fitmodels channel ( Viewers include Fitness/bodybuilding competitors both men and women, and fitness/bikini models, over 35,000 friends and subscriptions) and Woman's Fitness channel.( anti aging fitness market of woman over 35 ) The estimated views , over a half million. , tens of millions of impressions, and should probably average about 5 cents a click trough.

3. Implement social media marketing plan, which includes, creating titles,(search words) 5000 karat descriptions, and 60 meta tags for each video distributed. This will both brand your company/ product, with 10’s of million of impressions, on social media sites, and register these product video’s in the Google video search engines which is the future this includes embedded (this creates the viral effect with sharing over the social media), and syndication distribution on Smart phones This is what you are currently doing with your web site over the web. It will take about 6 weeks for these video’s to start coming up on the first pages on Google and YouTube video search engines. Perfect timing for this coming Spring/Summer.

4. Implement direct response social media campaign, through Google/YouTube Partner channel branding annotations, track able links, and call to action advertising banners prudently placed on our channels. This will connect viewers to a sales landing page for free product offer.. Additional we will implement social networking free product promotions posting, on our ,Facebook, twitter, and my space, accounts on a weekly basis for the 8 weeks, from June 15 , Aug 15.

5. Implement multi media P.R campaign through Press Wire, which includes the following

Wire & Web Distribution: US1 full-national wire transmission to 5,700+ media, 5,000+ Web sites and PR Newswire for Journalists
Live for 30 days on and archived on PR Newswire for Journalists
Photo posting on The Reuters Sign* in Times Square
Distribution of video to select online video sites including YouTube
Includes Visibility Reports for ROI measurement
Quick Turnaround Time: Three to four hours turnaround for your news and multimedia**
No additional hosting needed for video
*The Reuters Sign in Times Square is provided through a partnership with Times Square2, a Thomson Reuters alliance.
My Credits Page lists the full collection of major magazines that have featured my work.

I also took great pride in helping Stuff Magazine make it's North American debut.

Are you a model looking for exposure? If you shoot with me and we connect, you're 100% Guaranteed
to be published in a National magazine! Contact Me for full details.

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